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Atom Zombie Smasher

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

[screen shot via Steam]

Atom Zombie Smasher has been ruining my productivity lately. It’s hard to resit the urge of destroying pink zombies that are infesting my randomly generated cites. You should play it too.

Rouge Survivor

December 12, 2010 1 comment

Recently I stumbled across a rouge-like that I didn’t get a chance to play until today. When I did, oh boy, I was hooked. Rouge Survivor contains many of the classic features of a rouge-like and more. You start the game as a randomĀ survivorĀ in a randomly generated city infested with zombies. Survive the ever evolving horde by barricading rooms and gaining followers. Beware, this is no easy game. For something more casual, try the before mentioned Desktop Dungeons.

First Screen Shot: ZTD

May 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Still using some visual placeholders, but in the end, it supposed to be a graphically simple game; just basic geometric shapes and what not. Obviously, it’s a top down shooter. Specifically a zombie top down shooter, hence the name. But I think the official name will end up being Zombie Transmitted Disease. =D The goal of the game is to survive the level utilizing all of the weapons and items provided. Planning on other goals such as protecting another player/defending a position, but the main theme will be survival. There are roughly eight weapons at the moment, but the weapon purchasing system has not been implemented. There will be power ups that can be obtained through a lottery machine and unique traps/defense items for maps. As seen above, the lighting system is already in place which was a bit hard to get set up but works great now. =] Shall update later.