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[arrow followers]HUD

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Slowly adding in the HUD, while trying to fix a damn path finding bug! All of the path finding works smoothly except that the hero’s don’t know when to move out of the way when on top of each other. So they stack up in the same location and it is IMPOSSIBLE to separate them. I haven’t worked with path finding before so its taking me longer than an experienced user should.

Anyways, with the HUD, the squares under the portraits will contain images of the three abilities each of the heroes will have. In the blank space on the right, there will be individual, miniature skill trees. They wont have much variety, but I’m aiming for a sort of system that feels like a RPG game condensed into a 5-8 minute level. Of course along with the zombie shooting which hopefully will become more strategical as I work on balancing everything out. It’s just so pointless ATM because I’ll be adding abilities soon and more enemy types/traps in the future.

I will make another game play video once I get the HUD finished…maybe even after abilities.

[Arrow Followers] Update!

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

So I’ve added a dedicated web page to act as a sort of archive and hold major media/builds for the new game, which I have dubbed “Arrow Followers”. The name may change, so don’t get too attached. I will still post updates to the main blog.

Now here’s some eye candy:


Note: Sorry, having problems embedding videos.

Note2: Sorry every body! That jing site sucks! Hold on converting and uploading to youtube!

Note3: That’s more like it!