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The future of Voyage of Discovery

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

As a personal goal, I really want the game to make it on Indie Games or another popular site. It would be so awesome. =]

I’ve already started to clean up the code and fix small bugs here and there. Plus I’ve been adding more notifications of certain events and cleaning up the interface. I’ve gotten a few comments about the screen being small, so I might make it a bit larger.  Anyways, everyone loves lists! Here’s the list of things to come:

-Support for custom sprites and item stats
-Options for game play (number of pirates, starting money, etc)
-More starting conditions
-New items to be bought from colonies.
—buoys, fishing boats, defenses…
-Negative events when exploring
-Weather conditions
-Different types of pirates
-and hopefully more. =]

Ludum Dare #19 – Voyage of Discovery

December 19, 2010 6 comments

[Sorry! Don’t know why wordpress uploaded the screenshots so small]

Download Voyage of Discovery | Ludum Dare Entry | Timelapse

To be honest, I was not expecting  this little game to turn out so well or to finish at all even. But hey, I did it! And I even finished 4 hours early. I have also learned how far I have come with my programming skills; a year ago a rouge-like was far from my capabilities to even think about doing. More importantly, I know what it feels like to finish a game…and it feels damn good.

I’ve only slept roughly nine hours over the course of this compo so I’m very tired at the time of writing this. I can’t even remember what I’ve eaten which isn’t very good at all. I had loads of fun and I’m very surprised I stayed focused and motivated throughout the entire thing.

I will most definitely be revisiting this project soon to expand on the features a bit. I will also be taking this general concept to another project I had been working on before the compo.

Special thanks to the LD community for inspiration and assistance.

Please let me know if you find any bugs. =]

Desktop Dungeons/Dungeon Crawl

March 18, 2010 1 comment

Desktop Dungeons is a short and sweet rouge-like. As most games of the genre, it has randomly generated maps but also contains unlocked-able classes and challenges to keep this game in your play list. But unlike most rouge-likes, this one doesn’t take ages to complete, which sets it out from the rest. It also supports custom tile sets, in fact, Derek Yu released his to the public.

[original, full-sized]

Desktop dungeons was inspired by another, much lengthier and in depth rouge-like called Dungeon Crawl. If your a hardcore dungeon crawler who loves tons of tasty features, check this one out too. Just be prepared to spend a night learning the ropes.


January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

So after mentioning going over Spelunky, I remembered a really great rouge-like I had encountered back when the DS had a flood of great home brew games. Powder was one of them. But don’t worry, its available on other platforms other than the DS. Just head on over to the download page.

Powder was actually my first encounter with a rouge-like. I had never played the infamous NetHack which was a flood of clones followed in its wake. Powder however, isn’t just a clone. Its a damn good one.

It has the expected aspects of a rouge-like; pick a race, select a class, roll some stats, start with some random loot in a randomly created dungeon, and all that good stuff. But it also provides the player with many different actions. I had the most fun with the assortment of magical spells that ranged from digging through walls and sprouting forests. There are also many different items with an even wider range of effects and abilities.

With so much randomly generated content, it is quite hard to experience the same game twice. The overall goal is to reach the last level (level 100 I believe) and kill the boss, Beelzebub. I have yet to come even close to the last level, but I have more fun summoning zombies and growing random forests anyways. The game has no sound, which I thought was a disappointment, but nonetheless is a great game. I only found disappointment with the lack of sound, but nonetheless is a great game and worth a try.