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[lonely pixel news]Game Updates

June 6, 2010 Leave a comment

So since the end of High School (Yay!) I’ve been working diligently on my games. Mainly focusing on ZTD because I want it out ASAP, at least a beta version for the public to test. I’ve finally added a dedicated page for ZTD with information and what not that you can find here.

Secretly I’ve also been working on another game. (Gasp! It cannot be true?!) Since summer is here and its my last summer before college, I want to get some COMPLETED games into my portfolio. So I’ve decided to enter in some competitions. Currently I’m working on an entry with a friend for the Game Maker Competition 06. We already have a solid idea and are testing some elements that we would like to see in the finished product. Here’s sneak peak:

Doesn’t that just leave you wanting more? Guess you’ll have to stick around. ;]

[Arrow Followers] Update!

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

So I’ve added a dedicated web page to act as a sort of archive and hold major media/builds for the new game, which I have dubbed “Arrow Followers”. The name may change, so don’t get too attached. I will still post updates to the main blog.

Now here’s some eye candy:


Note: Sorry, having problems embedding videos.

Note2: Sorry every body! That jing site sucks! Hold on converting and uploading to youtube!

Note3: That’s more like it!

[Lonely Pixel News] Creating a Sandbox game.

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So since my recent post about Minecraft, I’ve been hooked on sand box games. And I thought about a simple sandbox game that I could make. It’s still more or less just floating around in my head, but its there. I’m thinking about going with a style similar to Star Guard, the old retro look, so I don’t focus so much on graphics and actually getting it done! But i don’t do so well with actually FINISHING games so we’ll see where this project takes me.