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Fanmade Minecraft Trailer

September 20, 2010 1 comment

This fan-made trailer captures Minecraft at it’s best. If I hadn’t bought it already, I would have done so after watching this.

Minecraft is Free to play this weekend

September 18, 2010 4 comments

Notch has been having some server issues with the influx of new players lately with all of the publicity. Plus he’s been busy getting his company going so things have been quite hectic around there. Anyways, Notch has opened up Minecraft this weekend, meaning it’s free to play. (the “indev” version) So enjoy it now!

[Update] Minecraft; I told you so.

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Like I said wayyyy back, Minecraft would get big one day. Now look at this! And this! And the official post by Notch! It’s all starting to come together for this dedicated indie developer. Just a few months ago he was stressed because he had just quit his full time job plus moving to a new home. Now he’s getting some mainstream publicity thats driving up the sales! An important note to take from his Tumblr post…”Mobs will come later on, and when they’re in, the game will officially be in beta, and the price will go up to 14.95 euro.” Sounds like you only have a month or so before you can snag Minecraft for half price if you haven’t already!

[update] Minecraft!

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh the beloved Minecraft. I mentioned Minecraft originally in the first few months I had started started this blog. There has been MANY updates since then and I have not updated due to the sheer frequency that Notch updates his game. Unfortunately, if you do not have a (paid) indev accessible account, you will never see these updates. Except of course from the other players who like to brag about their purchase. Personally, I think its damn worth the 15USD. It has a lot of potential to become a great game. Sales are increasing everyday and there are more people being exposed to the game. So if you haven’t bought the full game yet, here are some reasons why you should:

-mining (duh!)

-crafting of in-game items

-day/night cycle (seasons will be coming soon)


-combat with crafted items

-randomly generated, but beautiful worlds (in their retro, blocky style goodness)

-custom skins

Those there are enough to keep me busy at night. And there’s more content to come. So buy it now before the price doubles!