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Fanmade Minecraft Trailer

September 20, 2010 1 comment

This fan-made trailer captures Minecraft at it’s best. If I hadn’t bought it already, I would have done so after watching this.

Minecraft is Free to play this weekend

September 18, 2010 4 comments

Notch has been having some server issues with the influx of new players lately with all of the publicity. Plus he’s been busy getting his company going so things have been quite hectic around there. Anyways, Notch has opened up Minecraft this weekend, meaning it’s free to play. (the “indev” version) So enjoy it now!

[Update] Minecraft; I told you so.

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Like I said wayyyy back, Minecraft would get big one day. Now look at this! And this! And the official post by Notch! It’s all starting to come together for this dedicated indie developer. Just a few months ago he was stressed because he had just quit his full time job plus moving to a new home. Now he’s getting some mainstream publicity thats driving up the sales! An important note to take from his Tumblr post…”Mobs will come later on, and when they’re in, the game will officially be in beta, and the price will go up to 14.95 euro.” Sounds like you only have a month or so before you can snag Minecraft for half price if you haven’t already!

[Update] Minecraft!

July 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Notch recently started testing survival multiplayer with what was supposed a closed group of testers. Sadly someone leaked the password and it got around the net pretty quick. With that aside, this is a huge step for Minecraft! It happens to be one of my favorite indie games, I mean, who doesn’t love to unleash their inner child? At its core, Minecraft is simply about creation. You build what you want. As of recently, it feels more like “craft your own world” because no one’s save file will ever be the same as another’s, not just because of everyone’s different imaginations, but also because of the infinitely procedurally generated worlds! If you haven’t bought your way into the alpha-soon-to-be-beta version, you should do so now! I have a hunch that Minecraft is going to become even more popular when the final version comes out. =]

Check it out here!

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To Notch

May 17, 2010 1 comment

One day I found Infiniminer, but soon after playing a game it left me wanting so much more. So I went on a search to find a similar game and that’s when I found Minecraft; when Notch’s baby was just learning to walk. I was immediately impressed with his work and logged a good number of hours playing the free sandbox version. It wasn’t until the begininng of 2010 that I realized the game had so much potential and finally gave in to the 15 dollar admission to indev. I was pleased with my purchase right away and very impressed with Notch’s number of updates. Being an indie developer is hard work; often there is no money involved during the production phase and sometimes not even any in the end. Notch was smart and was able to get a foothold in the media even before his game has left alpha. Besides Minecraft profits, he also had a job which was bringing home the brea, but now he has taken the jump that many starting indie developers dream to do; go full time indie.

I am happy that Notch is following his heart and would like to congratulate him. I thought the rest of the community would also realize what he is doing, but I was wrong. Today I read Notch’s post regarding all of the complaints he has been getting about the lack of updates. I was quite disappointed with everyone’s lack of understanding.

Notch has quit his day job and moved into a new home. Amongst the other things that life brings on a daily basis, that is enough to stress anyone out. Notch is also the ONLY developer working on Minecraft which puts a lot on his shoulders. Considering what he has done up until this point, he deserves his break.

So I’d like to let you know, Notch, that I support your efforts and understand your stress. Many other developers cannot even make it to where you are today. Minecraft is full of potential and it’s not because its another Call of Duty; it’s unique and offers a totally new experience than anything else out on the market that taps into everyone’s inner child.
-Alex Larioza

[update] Minecraft!

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh the beloved Minecraft. I mentioned Minecraft originally in the first few months I had started started this blog. There has been MANY updates since then and I have not updated due to the sheer frequency that Notch updates his game. Unfortunately, if you do not have a (paid) indev accessible account, you will never see these updates. Except of course from the other players who like to brag about their purchase. Personally, I think its damn worth the 15USD. It has a lot of potential to become a great game. Sales are increasing everyday and there are more people being exposed to the game. So if you haven’t bought the full game yet, here are some reasons why you should:

-mining (duh!)

-crafting of in-game items

-day/night cycle (seasons will be coming soon)


-combat with crafted items

-randomly generated, but beautiful worlds (in their retro, blocky style goodness)

-custom skins

Those there are enough to keep me busy at night. And there’s more content to come. So buy it now before the price doubles!

[Update] Minecraft

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Notch just recently added support for crafting! Of course it INDEV only, for now.

“The game now contains 59 block types, 34 item types, and 36 recipes for crafting. More’s coming!

You can make food now by making a wooden bowl and mixing some mushrooms into it.

You can make arrows, and bows, and TNT, and workbenches, and chests. And golden weapons, if you want to. Oh, and the gemstone formerly known as “emerald” is now “diamond” because it makes more sense.

Thanks for all the feedback. I’m pretty sure I’m sticking to this style of crafting. I will make it more ingame if I can so you don’t spend all the time in the inventory.”

Via Notch’s Dev Blog

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VVVV plus Minecraft Update

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

No this isn’t about Terry Cavanagh’s recent hit, this is VVVV with four “v”s not six. VVVV is by Markus Persson, the creator of a game I had posted before, Minecraft. Persson is still working on Minecraft, but likes to take breaks to work on games for other contests and such. This remake contains all over VVVVVV features, but is a little more difficult than the original.

Update on Minecraft:

It’s still in alpha but the paid version “indev” has constant updates. I finally bought the game recently for 14.99 after feeling convinced this game would be much worth the money seeing that later on, it will be double the price. I found Minecraft when it first started, and honesty, it wasn’t much besides the basic game play. But now, it’s already grown to be so much more.

[Lonely Pixel News] Creating a Sandbox game.

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So since my recent post about Minecraft, I’ve been hooked on sand box games. And I thought about a simple sandbox game that I could make. It’s still more or less just floating around in my head, but its there. I’m thinking about going with a style similar to Star Guard, the old retro look, so I don’t focus so much on graphics and actually getting it done! But i don’t do so well with actually FINISHING games so we’ll see where this project takes me.

Infiniminer and Minecraft

January 12, 2010 5 comments

It’s hard to mention Minecraft without mentioning Infiniminer, so today’s post is sorta like a double feature.

[right-click -> view image to enlarge. screen shot from]

Infiniminer is a team-based sandbox like game. The goal of each team is to mine “blocks” of gold under randomly generated levels and simply bring them to the surface. There are several different classes that have different abilities, such as, digging faster and being able to build structures. Building structures consumes another mine-able resource, ore. So throughout the whole game players are mining away collecting resources with generally no team to team interaction. You cannot kill the other team, but sometimes slow down their efforts. The servers are little to none, so your better off starting a LAN server with some friends. Though it sounds a bit boring, the digging mechanic is quite addicting.

[right-click -> view image to enlarge. screen shot from]

Minecraft was a game that followed after Infiniminer, applying that awesome little game mechanic to a totally new sandbox game. There are no goals in Minecraft, just build and dig to your hearts content. There is a small assortment of different blocks to choose from that, as seen in the image above, can produce some pretty interesting works of art. There is multi-player, but doesn’t contain much content besides collaborating on larger projects. Also worth checking out is, I believe, a fan-made website that slightly improves on the commands provided in the original as well as providing a multi-player community, called World of Minecraft.