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Grinding is killing the Industry

May 3, 2010 1 comment

Finally someone has written the words that I have been wanting to write myself. Way too many games exploit gamers, specifically grinding. As the article states, grinding is a part of everyday life; we grind to get chores done, we grind to finish a procrastinated project, etc. It just feels natural for us humans to do so and we want to finish said grinding in order to feel a sense of accomplishment. Since the world wide success of World of Warcraft, many developers have been focusing on implementing level grinding in order to achieve certain in-game items or community appeal. In turn, players get addicted and the developers get more money. This is why I switched to the indie scene; I want more games with original game mechanics that are simply fun to play, not because they are addicting. Current hits today like Call of Duty and Farmville are two of the most popular games that advantage of addiction. It’s quite disgusting. Where are the developers that actually care about providing the players with a meaningful and fun experience?

Indie games FTW!

an introduction.

January 9, 2010 6 comments

So as the tag-line states, this is a blog about games that just need some love. I know there are tons of blogs and websites out there that already do this, many of which that I am subscribed to and read daily, but I love to write and I have never actually started a blog on one specific subject. I’ve been wanting to start one for a couple months now, but it wasn’t until quite recently that I came to the revelation to combine both my passion for writing and video games. Not to say that I am a virgin to blogging; I’ve had a few personal blogs and actually still maintain my Xanga. But with Lonely Pixel I want to actually write for some else other than my self.

Be warned: this site is not for main stream games, though, you might see a few exceptions. Its for those very expressive, emotional, and/or intuitive little gems out there that no body seems to hear about. Games that step away from the standard successful formulas and experiment with new game mechanics or user interaction.

I’ve grown tired over the past few years with the on-going hype of the newest Call of Duty game or any other shooter for that matter. (Don’t get me started on Madden) Its just the same formula with better graphics. Murder simulators with achievements. Sure I play them, but I believe video games are better than blood and realistic graphics. They can produce awe inspiring works of art that other mediums can’t replicate simply because of the user interactivity.

And where would this blog be without a little information about the author?

My name is Alex Larioza and I am, well, a gamer; always have and always will be.  At the time of writing this, I am seventeen years old and well into my last year of high school – senior year. And oh boy has it been one hell of a year already.  I’m planning on attending Devry University and obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development. After college I eventually want to create an indie video game company, or join one.

While back in the day everybody was playing Mario Kart on the N64, I was one of the few who was playing Toejam and Earl on the Sega Genesis. This was probably my first step away from being pulled into main stream gaming.

I soon came  to own a PS1, Ps2, Gameboy Advanced, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Ds, and of course a PC. Not saying that I haven’t played on other systems.

As of lately, I’ve been playing more on my PC because of the sheer amount of indie video games at my finger tips.  Though the consoles are taking great strides in bringing indie games to their systems, the PC is still currently best way to get to them.