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[featured website]Unity and Puzzle Bloom

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s another double feature! This time its a website/web app and a game created with it.

puzzle bloom1

A few posts ago, I pointed out some new, intuitive use of the Adobe Air engine. Today’s post is about  a similar platform called Unity. Unity is free for personal and commercial use, though the features are limited. There is a paid version, but the price tag is well out of range of a casual developer. I downloaded a explored the program for a bit. It seems easy to use once you learn how to use it.

Now the second part of this post is one of the games created with this engine, Puzzle Bloom. Which won an award in the IGF competition. It’s a puzzle game that with a creative theme, but what is most appealing is it’s simplicity and graphical beauty. And I don’t mean top notch, realistic looking graphics. This game has some great artistic value and is a great example of the Unity engine’s possibilities. And Puzzle Bloom isn’t enough for you, check out the impressive list of games already available.

[Featured Website] Wacom Bamboo

January 19, 2010 1 comment

So you may be asking yourself why is the web page for one of Wacom’s tablets being featured. Well its not the site in particular, but this page that I’m pointing out. The Adobe Air platform has always been an interesting little gizmo seeing how easy it is to download new, sleek apps. But no one has really utilized the potential of it, until now. There is already a few games on this website that are pretty interesting and you don’t necessarily need a tablet to play them, though they are a lot more fun. I’ll be keeping a watch on the new “minis” that become available on this site. Hopefully we’ll see some cool games come out of this.