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Spacejunk Update

I lost some momentum in the development of Spacejunk and haven’t been working on it as much. This was mainly due to my lack of skill for coding AI. My first go at the bosses resulted in very predictable and boring battles, so I took a few days to think it over which turned into a few weeks. During that time I sketched out a couple other ideas that I want to work on after Spacejunk. This week though, I spent some time optimizing the code behind Spacejunk as well as bug fixes here and there. Today, I started the bosses over and to say the least, I’m quite please with how the first two turned out. Once I’m done with the bosses, there will be a few days of tweaking and polishing then I’m done! I’ll be adding it to FGL and cross my fingers for my first sale. =D

[edit] don’t post blogs when tired.

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