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[lonely pixel new] a word from the author

No I am not dead, no I was not in the hospital, no I am not ignoring the indie nor my blog here on word press, and no, no one really asked those questions because I don’t think very many real people visit this blog. I say real because I see the occasional spam comment on an old post.

Life has simply happened and it is quite unfortunate. This isn’ t the last post you are going to see, god no. I love video games especially indie games because of their freedom to create what they see in their head, not what their producer/publisher sees. I admire their bravery to dive into the indie scene, with hardly any money and never really expecting to make it big. I’ve been see, rather reading, about many developers who have been going full time indie. After every article, I sit and think “I want to do that.”

But I’m only 18, just out of high school and recently started classes with Devry university as a major in Multimedia and Design. I fully believe in the philosophy for following ones dreams to the fullest extent, but one needs to have a safety net. No matter how much you love making video games, cooking, writing, whatever your passion, you don’t want to end up doing it on the side of the street.

So right now I’m focusing on the first step to having a stable career; my education. It’s been quite full of work already which is why my games have been lonely. I’ve also been running around taking care of things, trying to find a job, getting my license, and what not.

As I’ve been seeing many other developers do, I’m trying to make some money doing something else for awhile and save up. Then when I feel the time is right, I’ll move into what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. I also want some more time to find a partner, someone who can share the sweat and tears of game development because  unlike many other indie devs, I cant do it alone. I am a very social person and need people around me to talk too. Hopefully while following my educational endeavors I will find some one who also shares my passion and will be willing to join me on my quest.

Until then, I will do my best to make posts as well as work on games. Maybe I will focus on making very minimal (But fun!) games also. That way I can still make games but ones that don’t require as much work.

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