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Since my move, I’ve had to deal with constant heat up in my room and unfortunately my computer can’t put up with the heat as much as I can. This leaves me with a limited time to get things done, early mornings and late evenings when the weather is cooler. So this are progressing a lot more slowly than I would have liked. I had planned to wrap up ZTD in a week, but it seems it has more life than what I thought and I probably won’t get to the new game before the GM competition deadline. I’ve also been really indecisive with ZTD, I’ve changed the sprites so many times and I’m thinking about just going back to my pixel art rather than the simple flash art. It just looks so much like programmer art. I hate it. So I’ll probably be spending a few days drawing some new sprites and then get back on track. So far, I just need to get the power-up and equipment systems in place and all the core features are done. Besides a couple little things I want to add, I’ll be able to get an build out to the public and see if anyone even LIKES the game. Ha ha. But even if it is a failure, I just learned what isn’t fun and I have a whole lifetime to create plenty more games.

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