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Infiniminer and Minecraft

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s hard to mention Minecraft without mentioning Infiniminer, so today’s post is sorta like a double feature.

[right-click -> view image to enlarge. screen shot from http://www.gamingsteve.com]

Infiniminer is a team-based sandbox like game. The goal of each team is to mine “blocks” of gold under randomly generated levels and simply bring them to the surface. There are several different classes that have different abilities, such as, digging faster and being able to build structures. Building structures consumes another mine-able resource, ore. So throughout the whole game players are mining away collecting resources with generally no team to team interaction. You cannot kill the other team, but sometimes slow down their efforts. The servers are little to none, so your better off starting a LAN server with some friends. Though it sounds a bit boring, the digging mechanic is quite addicting.

[right-click -> view image to enlarge. screen shot from http://www.worldofminecraft.com]

Minecraft was a game that followed after Infiniminer, applying that awesome little game mechanic to a totally new sandbox game. There are no goals in Minecraft, just build and dig to your hearts content. There is a small assortment of different blocks to choose from that, as seen in the image above, can produce some pretty interesting works of art. There is multi-player, but doesn’t contain much content besides collaborating on larger projects. Also worth checking out is, I believe, a fan-made website that slightly improves on the commands provided in the original as well as providing a multi-player community, called World of Minecraft.

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