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[Update] Minecraft

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Notch just recently added support for crafting! Of course it INDEV only, for now.

“The game now contains 59 block types, 34 item types, and 36 recipes for crafting. More’s coming!

You can make food now by making a wooden bowl and mixing some mushrooms into it.

You can make arrows, and bows, and TNT, and workbenches, and chests. And golden weapons, if you want to. Oh, and the gemstone formerly known as “emerald” is now “diamond” because it makes more sense.

Thanks for all the feedback. I’m pretty sure I’m sticking to this style of crafting. I will make it more ingame if I can so you don’t spend all the time in the inventory.”

Via Notch’s Dev Blog

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Devil’s Tuning Fork

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

So if your in for a trippy but unique game, check out Devil’s Tuning Fork. The game is quite simple; walk around, jump on a few platforms and collect stuffed animals. But the developers added another game mechanic – echolocation. It’s disorienting and the theme feels a little creepy, but it’s an interesting concept. Just don’t play it on a full stomach

VVVV plus Minecraft Update

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

No this isn’t about Terry Cavanagh’s recent hit, this is VVVV with four “v”s not six. VVVV is by Markus Persson, the creator of a game I had posted before, Minecraft. Persson is still working on Minecraft, but likes to take breaks to work on games for other contests and such. This remake contains all over VVVVVV features, but is a little more difficult than the original.

Update on Minecraft:

It’s still in alpha but the paid version “indev” has constant updates. I finally bought the game recently for 14.99 after feeling convinced this game would be much worth the money seeing that later on, it will be double the price. I found Minecraft when it first started, and honesty, it wasn’t much besides the basic game play. But now, it’s already grown to be so much more.

[Game Sales]Psychonauts Sale!

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I haven’t gone over this game before, but its a good time to do it now because it’s on sale for $2 USD on Steam! But it only lasts until Thursday!

Psychonauts was truly a hidden gem. It’s a classic, non-linear 3d platformer/adventure which reminds me of Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Dexter. There are plenty of powers to learn and items to collect. The plot is plentiful with fun characters and quite humorous dialog. The only reason this game didn’t get out there was due to poor marketing. You won’t be wasting two dollars by adding this game to your library!


January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

RunMan is an awesome little platformer. The graphics are obviously done in paint (or at least in a similar fashion) but add a fun theme to the game. The game play is time trail based, according to the time you received you earn one of the three medals. Other thank that, it operates like your standard platforming game; running and jumping onto various platforms and enemies.

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[featured website]Unity and Puzzle Bloom

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s another double feature! This time its a website/web app and a game created with it.

puzzle bloom1

A few posts ago, I pointed out some new, intuitive use of the Adobe Air engine. Today’s post is about  a similar platform called Unity. Unity is free for personal and commercial use, though the features are limited. There is a paid version, but the price tag is well out of range of a casual developer. I downloaded a explored the program for a bit. It seems easy to use once you learn how to use it.

Now the second part of this post is one of the games created with this engine, Puzzle Bloom. Which won an award in the IGF competition. It’s a puzzle game that with a creative theme, but what is most appealing is it’s simplicity and graphical beauty. And I don’t mean top notch, realistic looking graphics. This game has some great artistic value and is a great example of the Unity engine’s possibilities. And Puzzle Bloom isn’t enough for you, check out the impressive list of games already available.

Flood the Chamber

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

[right click -> view image to enlarge. photo from here]

Flood the Chamber is a devilishly hardy platformer. At first I paid no heed to the warning of difficulty, but after hitting those laser beams multiple times until the water caught up with me, I was forced to agree. Aside from its difficulty, it is a solid platformer. Give it a go, just don’t plan on finishing in ten minutes…or thirty.

[Featured Website]

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I really should be doing my English paper, but I couldn’t pass up posting this offer. I was quite skeptical about this at first, but it appears to be legit! is giving away a MASSIVE bundle of RPG games for only…20 dollars. Yes. Over a HUNDRED games for only, 20 dollars. Not only that, your money goes to the Haiti relief effort. This game is packed full of all sorts of indie RPG games. I didn’t go through the entire list, but the few that I looked at were quite interesting. Check out the link for details.

[Edit]: Just to be clear, they are RPG paper and pencil games like D&D.

[Featured Website] Wacom Bamboo

January 19, 2010 1 comment

So you may be asking yourself why is the web page for one of Wacom’s tablets being featured. Well its not the site in particular, but this page that I’m pointing out. The Adobe Air platform has always been an interesting little gizmo seeing how easy it is to download new, sleek apps. But no one has really utilized the potential of it, until now. There is already a few games on this website that are pretty interesting and you don’t necessarily need a tablet to play them, though they are a lot more fun. I’ll be keeping a watch on the new “minis” that become available on this site. Hopefully we’ll see some cool games come out of this.

[Featured Website]

January 16, 2010 1 comment

So I do in fact have time to make a post. Yay!

So everybody can thank my girlfriend for today’s post! She’s been addicted to Tetris for awhile now and she just sent me this “classic” version a well known game. firstpersontetris isn’t simply the classic game stuck into a television screen. No, it has a VERY unique twist and I do mean that quite literally. When you rotate a block, you rotate with it. It got me dizzy the first few minutes playing, but I’m sure some of you have stronger stomachs. Try it for your self, the link opens to a web page with the embedded flash game.